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      NEWS£ºThe metallurgical industry information center 2010-10-8 >> more
      <>(2010-10-8)The metallurgical industry information center
      <>(2010-10-8)Development project acceptance
      <>(2010-10-8)Volunteer service games
      <>(2010-10-8)Natural gas found
      <>(2010-10-8)Natural gas found
      Jiangsu biaoxin industrial co., LTD., was founded in 1976, specializing in the production of heat-resistant pressure nickel chromium alloy and corrosion resistant alloy steel casting products, for domestic and foreign petrochemical, metallurgy, oil, natural gas and nuclear power industries such as customers with products and services.
      biaoxin industry covers an area of about 210 acres, the existing staff 300 people, including engineering and technical personnel more than 60 people, expert advisor 6 people, more than 30 people to trainees, bachelor degree or above acc...
      >> more
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